50,000,000 Doctrine Fans
Can't Be Wrong

Core Roster:

AKA: wizward, 2 Mieter Pieter
Position: Man of Great Virtue and Courage
Likes: The dull pain early morning commuting brings, clay shooting
Hates: Highlander
Fact: Kurt has upped his sertraline dosage this season in an attempt to chill out and lock in for Highlander.

??????:Pride quit sorry guys we're finding a new soldier

Capy:Position: Chief Admin Liaison
Batting Average: 74.60
Tip to win prem for season 7: 50,000,000 Doctrine Fans Can't Be Wrong
Fact: Capy is the only pyro in prem to exclusively run the phlogistinator on KOTH maps.

Doctrine:Position: Missionary
Batting Average: 746.0
Favourite inventions: Fire, the wheel, rugby union
Advice for aspiring prem players: Start running.
Fact: Doctrine hasn't recorded a demo since Season 4 of OZF Highlander, but has continued to elude the anticheat team throughout this time.

trash quit too sorry

AKA: jon st. peenis
Position: Staff Bearer and Rod Raiser to The Lord
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 80kg
Shoe size: US Men's 13
Fact: A polarising figure in the ozfortress community, strongman's reappointment onto engineer this season saw two core players resign in protest.

Silent:Position: Human Resources Coordinator
Likes: Cancer of the bowel
Hates: Highlander
Birthplace: Dongara, WA
Fact: Silent is the only player on the team to have previously been mutinied, following his cannibalisation on Train Smash's main team.

Kitt:Position: Scrum Half
Catchphrase: "Heavy took 50."
Highlander Win%: 65%
Fact: Kitt has two sniper rifles - one for payload and one for koth. On steel, he flips a coin.

Daggerman105:Position: Porca Dio (Pig God)/Spy
Alma Mater: Box Hill High School
Favourite weapon: Kunai
Total TF2 Hours: 1,159
Fact: At 28, Daggerman is the oldest member of the team.

Collective Infraction Count (to be updated throughout season):

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3League PenaltiesOZF website user BansWarningsUser bans for not submitting demos
001 00111

Roster Riders:

Number of players that have quit since the team formed (to be updated throughout season):


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